Your Exceptional Journey Starts Now

Cycle & Carriage Leasing approached us to design a premium and luxurious brochure to boost their products and services. They wanted a brochure that was different and also one that stood out from the market. We design both physical and digital brochures.

Designed Luxuriously

We designed a square shape brochure that can be folded uniquely. The top and bottom flaps act as a window so the user can take a sneak peek of the car once the brochure is closed. Black and gold colour combination are used to display luxury. Some elements in the brochures are coated with spot UV finishing to complete the look.


The brochure is then converted to a flipbook so that users can view them anytime. The ebrochure features interactive and engaging features such as animation, photo slideshows, and hyperlinks to websites and social media accounts.