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Design-First Solutions

All impactful collaterals and campaigns start with creative design to effectively connect with your target audience. At Luxe Print, creative design is in our DNA. Bold and adventurous, our designs are created and crafted with you in mind. We tailor our designs to impress your message to the right audience using different mediums, be it print, web or multimedia. With our boundless imagination, let us take your journey of success to greater heights.

Graphic Design

Good graphic design is the foundation of every successful marketing campaign as it captures your audience’s attention by telling a compelling story. Luxe Print’s creative design team work together to create designs that ‘Wow!’, sets you apart from your competitors and propels you ahead.

Creative Marketing Campaign

In this competitive environment, you will need more than just a brochure. Expand your reach through marketing collaterals such as calendars, greeting cards, social media posting and many others. Luxe Print is here at every step of the way to create a customised cohesive and engaging marketing campaign for you.

Logo Design

Logo design is the crucial first impression that stakeholders have of your brand image. Your logo should be timeless and tell the brand’s story. Walk with us as we create that logo design to communicate your dreams, hopes and ambitions, to achieve that great first impression for your company.

Photography & Video Production

A picture paints a thousand words, and a video moves a thousand pictures. Luxe Print’s professional corporate photography and videography services provides that winning edge for your marketing campaign. Check us out!

Product Development

Stuck with a boring box for your product? As “paper-engineers”, we will explore fun and exciting ways to present your product, from creative packaging to brochures and cards that come alive. With us, the possibilities are endless.

Motion Graphics

Why stop at a static design? We love to bring our designs alive through quality animation. Let our in-house designers deliver exciting motion graphics for your corporate video, greeting cards, or even business cards. Let’s move!

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